Karaoke Speaker Pack 1 - 5.25" Speakers, 30W Each


Very powerful 2 x 30 watt active speakers with a big sound making them ideal for karaoke enthusiasts.

Modern TV's these days get thinner and that means less space for the built in speakers. This processed sound is not always ideal when used with a karaoke machine.

Includes phono/phono lead to connect straight to your karaoke player

2-way active monitor speaker set comprising a powered unit with stereo amp module and a satellite passive unit. Designed for small PA or background music applications. Perfect for Karaoke!

  • Volume, treble and bass control
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Supplied as a pair (1 active + 1 passive)
  • Supplied with 4m speaker link cable
  • Supplied with mounting brackets
  • Power On/Off switch with LED indicator
  • 1.5m Fig.8 mains lead included