The original Karaoke Soundbar with integrated wireless microphones. Like all soundbars, the Starbar does not have any video playing capabilities, it is just a speaker, but once connected to your TV you can singalong to anything being played on your TV (try the YouTube app for some free karaoke), here are some of the most common issues we get contacted about...



"How do i connect to my TV?"
The Starbar connects to your TV like any other Soundbar, there are 4 options, HDMI, Optical, Coaxial or Line. We recommend Optical and include an optical cable, if the volume is low or the audio doesn't sound quite right, there may be some settings you can adjust in your TV's audio settings to improve the sound.


"Microphones are cutting out/not working?
The first thing to try when wireless microphones are having problems is to change the batteries, batteries do not lost long in microphones because of the type of signal they are sending so changing the batteries often solves the problem. Please ensure to use good quality "alkaline" batteries rather than rechargeable. Even if the screen on the microphone is coming on, there might not be enough power to reliably transmit audio.


"There is a strange crackling / interference sound when I turn on the microphones?
Again, this is usually linked to low battery power, please try brand new alkaline batteries.


"I cannot connect to Bluetooth?"
The Starbar can only be connected to one device at a time, so if you connect one device (eg your phone) and then try to connect another device (eg your iPad) it will not work, you first need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and disconnect from the Starbar.


"I am just getting a cracking noise on some apps"
Please check the audio formats settings on your TV, if your TV audio format is set to "Dolby Digital" this sometimes causes problems with the Starbar, please try changing to a different mode, such as "PCM"


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