The Mr Entertainer Pulsar, is the ultimate all in one portable karaoke speaker, with dual integrated wireless microphones and disco light effects.



"How do i adjust the microphone volume?"
The main dial in the middle of the control panel adjusts the music volume and the microphone volume, to switch between music volume and mic volume press it down twice until the display shows  .
After a few seconds it will default back to music volume, so if you need to adjust the mic volumes again follow the same process.


"How do I link 2 Pulsars together using TWS?"
1. Put both Pulsars into Bluetooth mode ensuring no devices are connected and BLUE is flashing on the LCD screen
2. Long Press TWS button on bone Pulsar until you hear Chime to confirm connecting
3. Connect phone/tablet device to other Pulsar (that is still flashing)
4. Once connected sound will come from both Pulsars

When in TWS mode music volume can be adjusted on either unit and it effects both, however microphone volumes are independent and need to be adjusted on both.


"The power cable won't go in the socket?
The socket for the power cable can be a bit stiff, but give it a firm push and a little wiggle and it should slot in nice and snug


"Strange noises when connecting power cable?
Do not connect live power cable into back of Pulsar. Please connect power cable to back of Pulsar first, then connect cable to wall plug.