The Mr Entertainer NANO... small in size, big on FUN!
 Nano Instruction Manual

"The microphones don't work together, they work one at a time but when i turn them both on they both stop working"
This is a common issue that can be easily solved. On the front of the microphones there is a small LED light, you should have one GREEN mic and one BLUE mic. If both of your mics have the same colour LED light, one of them needs to be switched. To do this get one of the mics, turn it on then press the power button quickly 3 times, this should change the colour of the LED light and you'll be ready to go! 


"How do i turn the music volume up/down?"
You can either use your phone/tablet to increase or decrease volume, or press and hold the Forward/Back buttons on the top panel to adjust music volume (mic volume is not affected, this adjusts music only)


"The Nano is not charging"
Please ensure you have the USB charging cable connected to the correct socket on the rear of the Nano. The small socket labelled 5V is the charging socket, please connect the small end of the included USB charging cable to the socket marked 5V and the other end to any USB port or USB wall plug (like you would use to charge your phone). When charging successful a little red LED light next to the charging socket will come on. Please note, a proper USB wall plug will likely give a better charge than connecting to a USB port on your TV or other device, so the Nano will charge quicker. 


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