The MKP100, our popular DVD/CDG Karaoke Player, basically a DVD Player but with microphone inputs and Karaoke features. Here are some of the most common issues we get contacted about...


"The microphones are too quiet compared to the music?"
This can be easily solved by adjusting the music & microphone levels, please follow the steps below…
1. Turn the microphones volume up to full using the remote
2. Turn the music down to volume 6 (this is roughly 50% of max volume)
3. Insrease the volume on your TV, you may have to turn it up higher than you normaly would to allow for the reduced music volume level on the MKP100.
Hopefully your microphones should now appear much louder compared to the music, you can keep adjusting the music, microphone & TV volumes to get the perfect balance between all three. Also ensure you are holding the microphones close to your mouth


"I’m getting an echo / delay / latency on the microphones?"
This is a common problem that is one of the pitfalls of using a HDMI connection for karaoke. HDMI is a digital connection and digital connections take time to process, meaning when you sing into the microphone it takes time for the karaoke player to convert the sound to digital, send the sound signal to the TV, your TV then processes the sound and sends it through the speakers, this means there can be a slight delay from when you sing, to hearing your voice come back through your TV speakers. This delay is exaggerated if you are running a soundbar or surround sound system as it just adds processing time. It's impossible to remove the delay completely, but there are some things you can do that will help...
1. If your TV has the Red/White/Yellow RCA inputs, connect to your TV using this method (cable is included), as this is an Analogue connection, and will process the sound much faster.
2. Check to see if your TV has any sound modes on, such as surround sound, stadium mode etc. These sound processing modes cause havoc with live vocals, so go into your TV settings and ensure any sound effect modes are switched off
3. Turn the microphone echo all the way down using the remote


"I'm trying to play an MP4 file, it just says unsupported format?"
MP4 files can be very temperamental, as there are so many different ways they can be created and encoded. If your MP4 files are not working, try converting them to AVI, which is usually much more reliable.


"I'm trying to play an MP3+G file, but its not working?"
Please make sure all of your MP3+G files are in "unzipped" or "extracted" format before trying to play in the MKP100.


"I paid extra for wireless microphones, how do i connect them?"
Take the mini USB receiver and insert it into the USB port on the front of the machine, then connect the little audio cable that was also supplied from the port on the side of the USB receiver, into the microphone input on the front of the karaoke machine. 


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