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MKP100 Software Update for No Sound Issue via HDMI

We've had reports of a small amount of TV's not producing any sound when connecting via HDMI from the MKP100.

If you have experienced this problem we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused, and are happy to inform you this issue can be easily fixed by installing a quick update to the player by following the instructions below. You will need a PC or MAC, and an empty USB Stick or SD Card.

Alternatively if you connect the MKP100 to your TV via the Red/White/Yellow RCA cables, this will also solve the problem.

1. Click Here to download the update file to your computer
2. Copy this file to a USB stick or SD Card (ideally the card would have nothing else on them)
3. Insert the USB Stick or SD Card in to the front of the MKP100
4. A screen will appear asking if you would like to install the update, press OK on the remote to continue (if you press nothing for 20 seconds the update will start automatically)
5. The update will then install and should only take a few minutes, IMPORTANT. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB STICK/SD CARD OR SWITCH OFF THE POWER UNTIL UPDATE IS COMPLETE. Once complete the disc draw will open, at that point remove the SD Card or USB Stick and the process is complete

If you have any problems just get in touch and we will happily help you through the process