The Groovebox is one of our most popular CDG Karaoke Machines, here are some of the most common issues we get contacted about...



"My TV doesn't have the Red/White/Yellow RCA Connections, how do i connect to my TV?"
Unfortunately this is becoming a problem we are seeing more frequently as more and more modern TV's are doing away with the old fashioned Red/White/Yellow RCA Inputs, which is a shame for Karaoke fans as most pretty much all CDG Karaoke Machines only come with these outputs. Unfortunately there isn't any way to solve this other than getting an adaptor, if your TV has a Scart adaptor then a simple Scart Adaptor can be used, if not you will need an RCA to HDMI adaptor.

"I can't hear the microphones, but I have the microphone volume up full?"
Please make sure you also have the MASTER VOLUME turned up as well, this controls both the Microphone and Music volumes, so needs to be turned up before you will hear the mics. Also, if you turn the AVC dial up full, this will automatically reduce the volume of the music slightly when the mics are being used, the make the mics appear louder than the music. If you have this feature on and the changing of volume levels is annoying you, just turn the AVC dial all the way down and the music volume level will stay consistent.


"How do I get the words from the karaoke disc up on my iPad/Tablet, I am connected by Bluetooth?"
This is a common misconception we get regarding the capabilities of 
Bluetooth, as actually getting the words from the Karaoke Discs onto your tablet is impossible, because Bluetooth is an audio only technology, so you cannot send a video signal via Bluetooth. There are two different ways CDG Karaoke machines like the Groovebox can be used....
1. CDG Disc Mode. Insert the CDG disc into the karaoke machine, connect the karaoke machine to your TV using the red/white/yellow RCA cables, words come up on the TV and sound comes out of the karaoke machine.
2. Bluetooth Mode. Connect your iPad, Tablet or any Smart Device to the Karaoke Machine using Bluetooth via the Bluetooth settings on your device, once connected you play your desired karaoke content on your device using Youtube or any other karaoke app, you then read the lyrics from your Tablet/Device and the sound comes out of the karaoke machine so you can singalong. Please note, when doing this the lyrics from the karaoke video will not also transfer on to the TV (if you have one connected) because as explained above, a video signal cannot be transferred over Bluetooth. If you have a very modern smart TV it might even have a Bluetooth feature built in just like an iPad, if so you can connected to the Groovebox via Bluetooth in the normal way and play content directly on your TV via the Youtube app and singalong... very cool!


"How do I get the words from my phone/iPad up on the built in screen/TV, I'm connected by Bluetooth but only the sound is coming through?"
This isn't possible, Bluetooth is an audio only technology, so you cannot send a video signal via Bluetooth, only audio.


"I cannot connect to Bluetooth?"
The Groovebox can only be connected to one device at a time, so if you connect one device (eg your phone) and then try to connect another device (eg your iPad) it will not work, you first need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and disconnect from the Groovebox.


"I paid extra for wireless microphones, how do i connect them?"
Follow the instructions that came with your wireless microphones for help setting up. You will likely have a cable that connects from your wireless microphone receiver, into the microphone input on your karaoke player. if you have received our WY60D Wireless Mic System, the setup should like like the image below...

"The wireless microphones don’t fit in the mic clips on the side of the Groovebox?"
Yes, unfortunately the mic clips are designed for the standard cabled mics which are much slimmer, so any wireless mic will not fit inside the clips  :o(


"The sound is very quiet?"
The Groovebox isn’t the loudest karaoke machine in the world, however there are a couple of things you can try to maximize the volume. Make sure the BALANCE dial is in the middle so the machine is using all the speakers. Make sure the AVC dial is all the way down, as this will reduce the music volume when the mics are being used. Connect to your TV using the red/white/yellow cables and the sound will come through your TV speakers as well as the Groovebox

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